EBay classifieds: Some items are prohibited – Customers threatens ad

Many can be inserted on the sales portal. However, in some articles threaten punishments.

Dortmund – most consumers use eBay classifieds to sell things they no longer need. Everything is there from clothes to books to electrical goods. Users should be careful, because in some articles threaten punishments.

eBay classifieds: For sale This article threatens users an advertisement

Anyone who uses the sales portal should know the guidelines and stick to the appropriate rules. Because not only the fraud is undesirable on eBay classifieds, but also buying and selling certain products.

These include, according to CHIP.de drugs and other awareness-molding substances, as well as appropriate accessories. On the sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and whistles and Shishas should therefore be dispensed with (more service news at sales).

Also, offering obscene and non-youth-free content is not permitted. Items with these markings should also not be advertised on eBay classifieds: “Release from 18”, “FSK 18”, “USK 182”, “No Youth Grant”.

eBay classifieds: These offers have nothing to look for on the sales portal

Job offers and job searches for people under the age of 14 are also prohibited, and will be punished. Commercial ads without imprint are generally prohibited by the portal, as well as offers from private photographers and model agencies. Also ads for auditions or castings are undesirable, and have nothing to see on the portal.

But that’s not all, because even illegal objects are not happy to see on eBay classifieds and therefore punished at the toughest. These include articles that carry constitutional symbols, such as the swastika, which is considered symbol of National Socialism.

The sale of weapons is not tolerated by eBay classifieds. Particularly weft, honeycomb and stitch weapons of any kind are just like the accessories are not allowed. The same applies to counterfeit products of all kinds, whether they are fake money, brands or collectibles.

eBay classifieds: These penalties threaten to sell the forbidden articles

Counterfeit crackdown: Testing Walmart, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Wish (Marketplace)
Anyone who defies the rules must expect the consequences if the operators of eBay classifieds are attentive to unauthorized offers.

Then the display is deleted from the platform and the account is additionally locked for frequent control offenses. Users who offer illegal items, even threatens an ad.

For the safe benefit, eBay classifieds has introduced the payment method “Safe Pay” last year. If the order does not arrive or deviates significantly from the quotation description, consumers thus receive their money back.

Category list picture: © Christoph Dernbach / dpa

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