Netmarble, Character Store Netmarble Store

Netmarble (Representative Kwon, Pojo Wook) announced its official character store ‘Netmarble Store’ to launch the character product that utilizes Mobile Games ‘Second Country’ IP.

This item, which is a product, has been a character ‘Puja’, who is receiving a lot of love to users in the “Second Country”, 7 species.

Meanwhile puzzles and mouse challenges include 5 coupons and equipment summoned in the game for the game.


‘The second country’ character product can be purchased in netmarble store offline stores and online malls in Netmarble Store, located in the third floor of Netmarble head office.

In the Netmarble Store, in addition to the goods, Netmarble representative character (KK), Tori, Bob, and Leon ‘Netmarable Friends’ character goods, including ‘Netmarable Friends’ character goods, ‘All Marvel’, ‘Seven Nights’, ‘BTS World’, ‘Stone Age World’ You can see a variety of products that utilize Netmarble popular game IP (knowledge property), such as ‘Kung Ja’.

Netmarble IP Business Room Yoon Hye Young’s implementation was “I have launched this new product,” She will promote the opinions of users in the future, develop a variety of products that meet the trend, and expand the IP lineup, “she said.

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