Tottenham wins spectacular at Manchester City

As Guardiola and Conte would try against each other, probably stood in the newspaper. The sovereign leaders with a lot of pressing and ball possession, the last shrubbing Spurs as a lurking and then swarming switching team. Little surprising.

Why City and Tottenham handled so? Because you master exactly that outstandingly. First, the guests delivered their proof, Kane sent the wicked son on Ederson, the Korean for newcomer Külkevski laid across the Korean. Tunnel against Cancelo, premier hits, 1: 0 for the guests (4.).

Gündogan: first post, then gate

An exception was Tottenham’s successful needle stitch in the initial phase, by the way, but gradually City took over the total control. The lovely Cancelo (17th, 22nd) and Gündogan, who failed at the post (21.), knocked more than only for the Master, Tottenham stood under continuous fire. After all, after a dirty defense of Llori’s Captain Gündogan, it was awarded to dust a highly deserved compensation (33.).

To needlesties, the Spurs had not come for a while, not even in the second round. However, when the opportunity frequency of the Skyblues had decreased, the Conte-Eleven suddenly returned – of course about her switching game.

At once, Kane, Son and the others restarted, City did not get that under control. Kane on Son, son on Kane actually caused the renewed lead extremely efficient guests (59th). A very similar push in the same constellation would have just almost produced 3: 1 later (64.).

Two turns in reflection time

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According to Gündogan 20-meter Schlenzer, the Lloris Bärenstark from the corner scratched (66.), Tottenham then cheered his third goal – if only briefly. Marriage of Kane, Kulusevski had just in the away (74.). City could breathe, but had to deliver. But the allowed Tottenham’s defense series, which only allowed flanks. In the detention time Romero held such a poor, there was a penalty for the households.

The legitimate penalty transformed Mahrez maximum confidant (90. + 2), the Primus seemed to have turned away the first league defeat for 16 weeks. But once again the Spurs, for the Kane’s head, kept the third guide and finally the rejuvenated away win (90. + 5) – which also allows Liverpool to approach three points at City on Wednesday with a success in the catching game against Leeds on Wednesday.

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