Foden and his family attacked: Manchester City condemns insults

After a confrontation between the family of Phil Foden and a group of several persons, to which it was obviously in a nightclub in Manchester, the English Master Manchester City has taken his player in protection and sentenced to the verbal attacks on the 21-year-olds.

Previously, a video in social media has appeared, the fodden and his mother presumed in a nightclub, as they are involved in a confrontation with a group of persons.

One of the men insulted fodes as “h **** son”, then it came to a physical argument, in which Foden’s mother was beaten.

Then the situation escalated, a man from Foden’s environment grabbed a fire extinguisher and wanted to go to the group. Subsequently, the provocateurs fled. “The club is aware of a video circulating in the social media and shows Phil Foden and his family how they are harassed and insulted,” shared mancity later.

The club is “shocked and shocked” about the insults against fodes and his family. In addition, the club secured any support. According to reports, the police were informed about the incident, but it was initially unclear whether there will be investigations.

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A few hours earlier, Manciness had lost his league game against Tottenham Hotspur 2: 3 and thus conceded the first league defeat since October. Foden stood the complete game in the square.

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