City Construction Simulation Game High Rise City Spring Released in 2022

Maple War Entertainment is working with Deck13 and said that the city construction simulation game ‘Highrise City’ is expected to be ahead of the steam.

Highrise City has reinterpretated the city simulation and tycoon game that extends the economic and resource management aspects of a project with a small team with a passion for eight years. Focusing on the production network when compared to other city building games, it is a game that can continue to grow the city. Let’s experience the modern look of this genre full of complex resource-based economic systems. In addition, after the date of release, the update will be able to create or share their own cities through mode support and Steam creative yard.

◆ Game Features
\ – Up to 1 million people per city

\ – 5 Population Ratings
\ – 50 resources
\ – Up to 30,000 buildings per city
\ – Up to 5,000 vehicles per screen (20,000 to 20,000 in the city)
\ – Up to 20,000 people per screen (and 1 million people per simulated city)
\ – Playground of 196㎢ per map
\ – Adjustable difficulty for beginners and skills
\ – Urban development according to law and technology research

\ – Exchange resource for economic balance
\ – Building, vehicle, citizen unlimited

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