Steel series, Prime Series

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\ – Customer interest in prime mouse and appreciation of customer attention

\ – Steel Series Prime Series Mouse Up to 23% Discount until February 28

\ – The industry’s first Prestige OM switch quickly and accurately click and 100 million click lifetime warranty

The world’s first gaming gear brand Steel Sirizum said, “The first special offers exhibition of five prime mouse series” will be held on the 28th since the last 17th.

This planning exhibition is the ▲ Prime Mini Wireless ▲ Prime Mini Wired ▲ Prime Wireless ▲ Prime Wired ▲ Prime Plus Wireless 5 species with a total of 5 kinds of prime plus wired.

Steel Series Korea Lee Hye-kyung The president said, “The Prime Series is a gaming mouse, which is a jointly developed by the E-Sports Competition, which is focused on the keywords of the victory,” the Prime Series “. I have to establish an exhibition to replace the support to send it to the support. “

The Still Syriz ‘Prime Series’ released in June last year was a high-performance gaming mouse made for the competition, and innovation and technology have been intended for 20 years of Original e-Sports Brand Still Sirizu.

Обзор Steelseries Prime. Иногда и палка стреляет!

5 times a long lasting Prestige OM switch, which is a long lasting Prestige OM switch, and the switch utilizing the magnetic core provides a satisfactory and neat feeling as the first click on the first click on the first click. In fact, many users who have purchased a Steel Series Prime Series directly are the maximum strength of the grip due to the exact clicks and a clean coating without a double-click of the prime series.

The ‘Prime Mini Series’ is a mini mouse series developed based on the success of the ‘Prime Series’, and the performance is characterized by 12% greater in the form of smaller appearance and ultra lightweight ergonomic form.

Gamers can choose from ‘Prime Mini’, ‘Prime Mini Wireless’, ‘Prime’, ‘Prime +’, ‘Prime Wireless’, according to their play style, grip, fit. More details on the first feature plan exhibition can be found through the steel series official mole .

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