Flensburger false start: Kielce wins clear

In front of the 1075 spectators in the domestic arena, the North Germans were subject to the Polish champion KS Vive Kielce with 25:33 (12:14) on Wednesday. With 9:13 points, the SG fifth in the preliminary round group B. Emil Jakobsen with six goals for Flensburg as well as Dylan Nahi and Igor Karacic and with six hits for Kielce were the best castors of the evening.

The hosts were very difficult against the extremely offensively oriented defensive of Poland. In the first ten minutes, only Franz Semper managed twice to get the ball past the German national goalkeeper Andreas Wolff in the Kielce-Gate. The otherwise so safe Swede Hampus tub failed twice with his criminal throws to Wolff.

But since the Flensburger Gehrmann Benjamin Buric also held very well, the SG, from 2: 6 (10th) to 6: 7 (15.) and 9:13 (24) (15) to 12:13 (30th). To shorten. Nevertheless, the error rate remained in the attack of the North Germans.

Even in the second half Flensburg came only a hard time. Wolff remained a sheer insurmountable obstacle. Kielce expanded the lead and celebrated a deserved outward success.

SG Flensburg-Handewitt – KS Vive Kielce 25:33 (12:14)

Goals SG Flensburg-Handewitt: E. M. Jakobsen 6/2, Semper 3, Steinhauser 3, Godfridssson 2, Larsen 2, Mensing 2, Röd 2, Svan 2, Einarsson 1, Golla 1, Hald 1
KS Vive Kielce: Karacic 6/2, Nahi 6, Karalek 5, A. Dujshebaev 4/1, Kulesch 4, Moryto 3/1, Sicko 2, Thrastarson 2, Tournat 1
Referee: Jonas Eliasson (Iceland) / Anton Palsson (Iceland)
Viewers: 1075

SG Flensburg-Handewitt - Vive Kielce | Full Game Highlights | Champions League 2022
Criminal minutes: 6/4
Disqualification: \ – / –

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