Bastard!! D & D manga cult is to Netflix

That Dungeons & Dragons has long been no topic that somehow belongs to the old iron, we do not just know that since the pop cultural mystification by the Netflix series Stranger Things and not only since the grandiose animation series implementation of the Role-playing force Critical Role with the adventures in The Legend of Vox Machina in Amazon Prime Video program. Phew, long set. Since we are already on Netflix: In the program of the streaming provider, a new anime series will also appear in 2022, which was strongly influenced by Dungeons & Dragons – and from Heavy Metal! The makers stick to the templates… Well, then it will be very bloody and bibusig.

Bastard !! The god of destruction in the trailer

Bastard!! is a manga series that felt Kazushi Hagiwara at the end of the 1980s and has made it to a total of 27 collecting volumes. As mentioned earlier, the mangas have been strongly influenced by Heavy Metal and Dungeons & Dragons, which is also reflected in the story: Dark Schneider is the protagonist, which is located on a bloody journey through the (hehehe) land metallicana destroyed by the God of Destruction. Rumors according to Dark is a nearly immortal wizard. On his travels, he meets, as coincidence it wants, on orphans he takes under his wing: about a half-dark figure called Arshes Nei and a boy named Kall-Su.

Bastard!! From Netflix is ​​the adaptation of the adventures of Dark Schneider, who has to resist with his companions all sorts of monsters and demons. When exactly bastard !! The program of the streaming provider Netflix is ​​recorded is not yet known. In the trailer itself, only one “2022” is noted. According to rumors, it should be so far in the spring.

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