Rehm on the subject of league: “Nothing is impossible”

Use and fight were the keywords of the basement duel on Sunday. Technically and offensive the goatless remis had little to offer – in contrast to the Furiosen 5: 0 success of the FCI in Nuremberg last weekend. One reason for this: Rehm had three missing with Antonitsch, Bilbija and Schmidt three missing, overall “nine and a half failures”, as he calculated after the game at “Sky”.

As “half” failure revealed Rehm attacker Valmir Sulejmani, who had “at the warmuff had a disengagement feeling” and at short notice to the bank. Then the 26-year-old “showed over the first half: I can still pure me” (Rehm) and came as a joker for the second half. For lack of alternatives, the short-term Sulejmani replacement Thomas Keller was called. However, because Rehm did not want to change, the learned central defender also started directly as a second peak next to Dennis Eckert Ayensa.

Personal sors No excuse

nothing is impossible around back lol
As further failures, the coach stated “nine players who otherwise face us very well”. Especially “In the offensive, what already broke out,” Rehm explained: “With Bilbija and Schmidt, two strikers have missed a very good game last week in Nuremberg.” But the coach did not want the personal care to be used as an excuse, because: “This is the same with other teams.”

The Schanzer had to cope with another setback after 71 minutes of play when Hans Nunoo Sarpei saw the second yellow card and was sent early into the cabin. But from nothing, Franke then recorded the best Ingolstadt’s chance that landed on the post. “On a day like today,” Rehm summarized after closing whistle, “you just need the quest lucky that such a post-shot is falling in the back. But the whole thing was not a good overall.” Compared to last week we did not bring the perfect performance. “

“The Bremen series must sometimes tear”

Nevertheless, the table deadline with the point gain is moving up to a counter to Erzgebirge Aue. Due to the Düsseldorf victory in the parallel game (2: 1 via Schalke), the relegation place is now ahead of the nine points. Nevertheless, Rehm in terms of class preservation was optimistic: “We definitely believe in it. We started working together in December, working together and the development is positive. We have a very good feeling from the last weeks and important is that this feeling is Just stay up. And nothing is impossible in football, we have already experienced that. “

Finally, the coach looked at the league game in Bremen next Saturday (13.30 clock) and seemed confident against the clear Favorites: “My troops have often proven that such games can run well into the knife, we look forward to this task “. With a wink he added with regard to the last seven Werder victories in a piece: “Who knows, the Bremen series must sometimes tear. If we can hold our zero series, I would be very satisfied.”

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