NFL: Super Bowl permanent guests

Once in life for Super Bowl? Millions of Americans dream of some of which actually get one of the coveted and sinfully expensive tickets – for three older rulers, however, the journey to the final of the Football Profiliga NFL in every year is one of them, as a matter of course as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Don Crisman, 85, Tom Henschel, 80, and Gregory Eaton, 82, were always there, it’s an exclusive circle. “Never Miss A Super Bowl Club”, stands on her jeans shirts, never missed 1. “You have to be old to belong to this club,” says Crisman.

In 1967, the first final was played in Los Angeles, at night on Monday (0:30 clock) is now the number 56 in Inglewood: the Cincinnati Bengals meet the Los Angeles Rams.

And what has not changed everything since then. The prices above all, says Henschel, “My ticket then cost $ 12. The past two years I was now at $ 2500.” And that’s a bargain – on average, a good 9,000 dollars are paid, the prices range to the high five-digit area.

The half-time show has a wide journey behind him, says Crisman, who will carry the super bowl straw hat again on Sunday, which he had already on his head in 1967. “I remember two college bands in the break, and a few pigeons were released,” he says grinning.

The half-time year after year is the superstars, on Sunday Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Bleig expected. “Not my music”, crisman states.

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But the trio is there for football, and you want to do that as long as possible. “The guy chooses above,” says Crisman, “and maybe we can hang a Super Bowl next year.”

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