Blockbuster deal: harden to the 76ers

Shortly before the end of the Trade Deadline, both clubs have agreed on a deal – that was known as the best informed Adrian Wojnarowski known from ESPN. Ben Simmons had not made a game for the 76ers this season, did not feel able to do so. It’s no secret that he wanted to leave Philly and did not feel good there anymore. So far, possible trades failed by the Sixers, as the claims mostly were too high.

So far, Philadelphia had not found a customer who could deliver the desired counterpart. That has changed now, because with James Harden comes an absolute top star of the league to the 76ers. “The Bart” had joined the Nets in January 2021 to get the title together with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. That did not work in the first start, a second will not exist. From the camp of the player, there was most recently rumors that harden was unhappy and he has the opportunity to change as “Free Agent” with his “Player Option” in summer. With the trade, the Nets receive at least a safe equivalent and do not risk in summer with empty hands.

The trade but not only includes these two players. In sum, according to the ESPN expert “WoJ” looks like this: Harden and Paul Millsap go to the Sixers, but Brooklyn Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two round-round pics.

Top numbers of harden and Simmons

A few numbers of the two biggest names of this deal. Harden played for his time in Oklahoma for a long time at the Houtson Rockets (2012 to early 2021) and repeated fabulous numbers. The big litter was denied him there. In his time in the NBA, the 32-year-old has been on average since 2009 on average. Thus, the seven years younger Simmons can not keep up, yet after initial injury in his first four seasons for Philly convinced and on average 15.9 points, there are 7.7 assists. In his first year, the 25-year-old 2018 also brought the title of the Rookie of the Year, so the best junior player of the season.

10. February 202201: 08: 51 hours

James Harden wants a trade to the 76ers today - Woj | SportsCenter

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