Heterogeneous Nymna FPS “Shadow Warrior 3” release date decision! The trailer full of gag also shows off

Devolver Digital announced officially announced that the release date of the Ninja FPS “ Shadow Warrior 3 ” developed by Flying Wild Hog was determined on March 1. The latest trailers who contained a substantial story that have been postponed in the past and an incorporated latest trailer are also presented.

This work is too unique to the stage of a high-speed gun attack, sharp brilliant incomprehensible, brilliant free running system, and a refreshing action in which a brilliant free running system is fused.

General of the collapsed company “Low One” and “Orochi Gira” of the former employer, which was the enemy, became a buddy, and is unbelievable to take back the ancient dragon released from the permanent prison While challenging together. Low One who carried out the blade and bullets has been chasing the dark beasts while traveling in the world, and must hit the guys to hell again. Necessary is the grim reaper mask, dragon eggs, magic fragments, and enough firepower to tear the shadowland where this world can be eroded.

Shadow Warrior 3 - Release Date Trailer

# Make Katana in preparation for the war shot

If you jump into the devil’s army and jump into a large number of bullets and Katana, let’s play symphony by the death of the enemy that appears one after another.

# Sophisticated footwork

In addition to air dashes, Wall runs, and double jumps, quick movement techniques with new grappling hooks will extend the movement options in the battle.

# Still punishment

If you repeat the spectacular finish move to get the enemy’s fragments, you can beat the enemy’s army and powerful magic who does not stop and stop.

# Dynamic battlefield

Dangerous buildings and devices that can be used for creative attacks on any battlefield are lined up.

# Neo Medieval Japan

Explore Asian mysterious land where old Samurai technology and magic are fused. Now it is invaded by a bad monster that is transmitted to Japan.

# Business full of laughter

Let’s experience a heavy story with the new day of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the final day, while enjoying the chilling and joking of Low One and Orochi Jira.

“Shadow Warrior 3”, which supports Japanese, will be released for Windows (STeam) / PS4 / Xbox One. Reservation acceptance is also started with some stores, and past work “Shadow Warrior” “Shadow Warrior 2” “Shadow Warrior 2” “Shadow Warrior 2” “SHADOW WARRIOR 2” “PS4 / Xbox ONE version only) is provided.

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