Connected to Xbox Series X is addicted cold (video)

No doubt the best puzzle game to have never decorated the virtual world, Tetris is back with a new iteration of the classic formula. Tetris Effect: Connected is an extension of Titre Titris Effect 2018. The incredible concept was designed by Takashi Ishihara, the brain behind rhythmic titles such as lumines and ground. Like other titles on which he has worked, the music is linked to the gameplay. Each block and movement develops the beautiful soundtrack that ends up transforming into a thrilling song that creates a euphoric experience, but Tetris Effect: Does Connected add something to the plan already perfect?

With incredible particle effects, the surrounding environments are constantly evolving as you progress in the game. Each zone is thematic and is transformed perfectly in order to create a unique psychedelic aura. The introduction of multiplayer is a fantastic addition and will increase the longevity of the title. In the situation in which we are all currently, Tetris Effect: Could Connected to be the ideal way to reconne with friends? Check out our gameplay video below to learn more.

Xbox Series X Flickering Fixed (Drama Free Gaming)

Tetris Effect: Will Connected will be your multiplayer game title when launching the Xbox Series X on November 10? Have you played the previous version in VR? If so, will that take without VR? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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