Before Summit against FCM: Antwerpens Marchroute does not surprise

In front of the pandemic Kaiserslautern was financially and also sporty not just rosy there. All snow from yesterday. The characters are currently very different, even the 2nd Bundesliga beckons. At the third league summit with Primus Magdeburg, the red devils want to show that we are the better team. We want to bring that in the place tomorrow, “explained Antwerp on Friday.

Biathlon Women 7.5km Sprint Competition - Award Ceremony - BEIJING (CHN) 11.2.2022

In the square, his team last brought maximum performance: Since ten games, the FCK has been unbeaten, won seven times, swallowed only two goals during this time. At the four threes 2022 there was no goal at all, throughout the season only 13 (league best value). The march route of Antwerp against the leader therefore does not surprise. The Palatine want to act “out of a certain order”. “Stable in the defensive standing and looking for situations as we hurt the opponent”, so the plan Antwerpens.

Zusal Magdeburg with concentrated offensive power (55 goals, best value in the league) comes to the Bayenberg. “A really good team”, Antwerp pays the opponent respect, “Of course we want to prove ourselves”.

Götze “can you put in the game”

He can not only build on 10,000 spectators and thus “a special, extraordinary mood”, but to a last-struck trio. At Felix Götze, in training, “everything very well looked very good,” said the FCK coach, who has such a “good constitution, you can put in the game on Saturday” – also from the beginning.

Even at Torwart Matheo Raab and Defender Kevin Kraus the thumb goes up. “Both have entered training on Tuesday, both are able to run on Saturday.” Antwerp can almost scoop out of full. Jean room, in which “the treatment is tedious” and for which it is still “no timeline for the return”, is not available.

But that does not reduce the joy of comparing the second against the leader in Antwerp: “This constellation is great.”

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