Adding a challenge card for the second country, new episode fate

Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Pojo Wook) updates the new episode ‘Destiny’ (Developer Netmarbono), and proceeds to a special event that celebrates February, I said.

New episode ‘Conducting Card’ is a story of Estarbania, according to the point of the girl who won the cat, “Gosling”.

There is a ‘chance dungeon’ first present in this episode. ‘Chance Dungeon’ is applied to users, such as bosses, and when the boss is more emerging, As long as the play difficulty is high, it is given a greater compensation than the general dungeon.

2 Turn Challenge Quest - Space Ishtar All Card Types | Event 2022

The Kasosfield ‘Atraia’s Haesung’ has been updated by the 3-4 floors. New boss ‘Yanke’ appears on the fourth floor. When you kill the monsters of the new chaos field, you can earn better compensation than the existing field.

In addition, Netmarble added Costume ‘Milky Way Costume’, ‘Caemanda’, ‘Causes’, Emman ‘4 Castle Sun’ and ‘4 Castle Rare Dow’.

Netmarble is the “222 summoned coupon event” and ‘twice the event’ to the theme of February 2022 and the ‘2’.

‘222 Summon Coupon’ is a separate event that will present a total of 222 summoned coupons by connecting to the game for 28 days. ‘Twenty-eared’ is the event that depends on the day of the week, and various benefits, such as a stunning dungeon, item drop ratio.

From February 22, the connection event will begin to commemorate the second country day, and the ‘4-star rare Emagene’ will be paid with the 7th reward. This ‘4-star rare Emagene’ is one of five candidates as a vote of users. Voting participation is possible from the <2nd country> forum to 22 days from 17th to 22 days.

Netmarble performs the missions of episodes ‘challenging cards’ to proceed to March 10, which will present various compensation. After completing all the missions, you can obtain a ‘4-star device selection box’.

In addition, colorful events are held, such as ‘Find Atraia’s treasures’, ‘Sun’s growth event’, and ‘New Area Screenshot Event’.

is a work that reinterprets the Fantasy RPG ‘Ninokuni’, which cooperated with Level Five and Studio GBRI, as a mobile RPG, a new worldview of the original world view, We offer fun to see.

More information can be found in the official site and the official forum.

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