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The cosmos of World of Warcraft is a great mystery that gives us a lot of puzzles to today. Long ago, we got to know the Titans who ordered the universe as Pantheon. However, they were not his creator. In Wow: Shadowlands we learn that there are beings in the universe, which are more powerful than the Titans. The say and legends of the Shadowlands report from the first, which ended the eternal war of the cosmic powers and separated them strictly. Which price the creators had to pay for it remains for the time being a secret.

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Basically, it is not important if the first still lives or not. The creators have fulfilled their task. The fate of the cosmos is now in the hands of their children. These include, for example, the eternal that prevail over the Shadowlands. But while the community of eternal the heritage of the first managed, Zovaal, the first judge, sat down to overrupt the Creator.

Zovaal banishment

In the Warcraft Universe there are many beings that want to blow up the cosmic boundaries and want to break the rules of the first. But no villain was so successful as Zovaal so successfully. He sat across the heads of his siblings and reached for the ultimate power of the Creator to recreate the cosmos after his ideas. He was punished for this crime with the exile. In his place a new judge and his true name came into oblivion in the Shadowlands quickly forgotten.

Although Zovaal Easen was long chained to the sludge, his influence was far beyond the limits of the Shadowlands. His intrigue work back into time in which the Titans still slumbered in the heart of the poeted worlds. As a cheater master he hired the devilish Nathrezim as a henchmen. In his name, the horror lords donated throughout the cosmos chaos and destruction. Today we know that the cheater master is behind countless disasters. The dispute of the Titans, the founding of the burning legion, the creation of the Lichkönig and the third war – these horrors go to his cap.

Wow: The Last Journey of the World Heaters – How is the Chairman of the Champion to Azeroth? (2) Source: Shadowlands

The machinery of death

The Chairman, apart from Azeroth, is clear. What, on the other hand remains puzzling, is the role that our world plays in the large plan of the Charter Master. Why exactly is the world chest of Azeroth for the Chairman? To answer these questions, we must combine the few story puzzle pieces that we have collected on the Test Server for Patch 9.2 so far.

Zovaal is currently on the zenith of his power. His victory in Oribos and the journey to Zereth Mortis are a big triumph. But quite the same, as powerful of the Chairman is also, he is still bound to the cosmic rules of the Creator. In contrast to our heroes, Zovaal can not just leave the cosmic domains to which he is bound. The first have hidden Zereth Mortis, the area is still associated with the shadows through the machinery of death. This oversized machine, which hovers in the form of a ball about Zereth mortis, forms the foundation stone of creation. Who dominates this ancient artifact of the first, can actually destroy the creation and then create a new cosmos. The machinery of death is an ancient relic of the first. The huge ball is not to be overlooked in Zereth Mortis. Source: Shadowlands to activate this machine, however, Zovaal needs a world sensor. And here Azeroth comes into play. The Chairman does not need any soul of a Titan, but the most powerful world sensels at all. The Essence of Azeroth is the magical fuel that the Chairman must be suspected. But how does he come to Azeroth? And what is much more important: How should Zovaal succeed in conquering the world senses of the sleeping Titanin?

The last fight for azeroth

On the test server for patch 9.2, there are only a few handproof information about the final fight against the champion master. Blizzard wants to do the big final of WOW (now): Schadowlands not spoilers. Everything we know about the final fight against Zovaal is that he appears in the mausoleum of the first and that the last phase of the boss fight plays in Azeroth. So there must be a gateway to Azeroth somewhere in the mausoleum, through which the cheater master can get into our world.

But even if Zovaal comes to Azeroth, he can not simply destroy the world with a fingerless. He needs a vulnerability to put Azeroth to death. And there is really this weak point! The tremendous wound in Silithus, the Sargeras at the end of Wow: Legion hit his sword in Azeroth’s meat ranges to the heart of the planet. That’s exactly where the Chairman will strike. Sageras’ Attack in Wow: Legion also belonged to the plan of the Charter Master. Source: Shadowlands a daring plan, right? Finally, the Titans have made a long time ago that Azeroth is protected from all sorts of dangers. There are countless machines and protective devices distributed throughout Azeroth. In Battle for Azeroth we have re-activated the network of Titans and connected the world sensor of the sleeping Titanin with the heart of Azeroth. Remember the fight against N’zoth. The old God appeared at the end of Bfa in Silithus to spoil the world sensel. With the heart of Azeroth we beat N’zoth with ease. The medallion has been acting for Azeroth as a kind of life insurance. How does Zovaal want to overcome this powerful protection?

The key

Very easily. While we held in Zereth Mortis from A to B to create a new judge, the Church Master forges a necklace that is just as powerful as the heart of Azeroth. With Worldkiller Iris Zovaal creates an extraordinary artifact with which he can easily overcome all protective measures of the Titans, including our medallion. You do not believe us? Then the inscriptions of both necklaces compares themselves:

Heart of Azeroth: in living symbol of hope carried by the champions of a dying planet. Each of their children will share the fate of Azeroth.

WorldKiller Iris: in lively symbol of despair, worn by the nemesis one of the ignore consecrated eternity. Each of their children will share the fate of Azeroth.

The Iris of the World Heaters is the last key to the Titanin World Gauges. The gem lets the Chairman fall as a prey. So we will be confronted at the end of Wow: Shadowlands with an opponent, which is well prepared for every case. We are curious how our heroes succeed in stopping the Chairman. And who knows, maybe the Creators are still mixing in the fight. Nobody knows as exactly how this story goes out. However, what is certain: the last fight for Azeroth will change our world forever.

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