VfB Stuttgart: The time again a tumbling hill giant from the south

The VfB Stuttgart was a very big number in German football, played international. Meanwhile, the club is a lift team and fights against the descent again this year. Great are now the fears.

Once upon a time in a football country – not all too long ago. In this is the VFB Stuttgart a football giant. Good, a giant of the smaller style maybe. But still: a heavyweight. A team that felt every ten years of German master will – sometimes with more, sometimes with less luck. Which regularly kicks in the European Cup. During playing as in 2003 against manunited despite extensive tartan track the stadium roof gene sky flies. So much pressure was on the boiler named Stuttgart. A football country in which a magical triangle swirls, followed by young wilds that conjure up in the Neckarstadion. Those days are over. Presumably until further notice.

The VFB Stuttgart has a few presidents, many managers and much more coach worn. A lot of money was burned in the past two decades in Bad Cannstatt. Meanwhile, the professional department is spun off, anchor investor Mercedes pumped over 41 million. The sustainable success is so far out. Last year, the tanker VfB got up in a reasonably, but Stuttgarty hit the way again. It threatens the third descent within seven years. Far away are the days since the last championship 2007.

And also the lightness from the past season, as among other things, Vizemister Borussia Dortmund in his stadium with 5: 1 shooting – the end of the then BVB coach Lucien Favre. The VfB danced as a climber light-footed to the class preservation. Stuttgart often played beautiful, wild football. But now follows the second year syndrome. Diagnosis: Acute abandoned.

VFB Stuttgart in the crisis

Stuttgart is surrounded in the midst of a hearty crisis. The Swabia have been ranked 17 in recent weeks. Only the historically weak Fürth is still behind it. And what really is foaming: the VFB has not met since five parts now. And who does not score goals, can only be heavily scored. Even with 14 times 0: 0 it would be difficult. This is rarely the case. Four of the last five winless games were defeated.

Why is the charging inhibition? Who says it well with the VFB, points to the unsightly injured list of the recent past, from the above all two players out. On the one hand Silas Katompa Mvumpa. Last March, the pillar Kongolese tore the cruciate ligament – he is shaking back slowly. After the injury, the unsightly discussion about his identity overlap the grand rookie season. The VFB wants to approach him carefully. But it is not enough for more than 90 minutes.

For SASA Kalajdzic now – but at 100 percent, the Torgarant from 2021 (16 hits) is not yet. The Austrian had to pause with a shoulder injury since the summer. It speaks volumes that defense rocket Konstantinos Mavropanos with four goals is currently the top scorer. The number two of this list, Marc Oliver Kempf (three goals), was shipped to the Hertha in the winter break. The sale should generate money to the VFB.

The VfB Stuttgart lacks executives on the lawn

The squad problem is one that has to answer for the varied Stuttgarts director Sven Mislinat: the squad is peppered with young talents and under-the-radar players, which came partly from the Japanese, Danish or Belgian league. Some young players have made the next step. Many but not – or can not make a difference in the present. For example, Wahid Faghir, Roberto Massimo or Tanguy Coulibaly. This difference requires in the relegation battle.

Another criticism: For the immigrant attacker Nicolás González, there was no adequate replacement. The gates are now missing.
Striking: It lacks leaders on the lawn, which could take responsibility in this difficult situation, forecasting one’s own man and / or the opponent. Gonzalo Castro would have been 1. But before the season, the Routinian, the 2020 achieved a very important gate for the second recruitment. The midfield man now plays at the league and relegation battle competitors Arminia Bielefeld.

Egg The East Westfalen he showed the same, which he can still be worth. In his second short-term use, he already succeeded. He has a more than the VfB in the last five games. Instead, the VFB sat on Daniel Didavi, but they fabricated more headlines because he is steadfast vaccine keptics and no longer was allowed to go to the hotel with the team in away trips.

What brings us to the next point. Trainer Pellegrino Matarazzo. Now it is a little Swabian wonder that the Italo-American is still VFB coach with just over two years of term (he is already in 13th place of the eternal leader). His predecessors flew out in series earlier. Matarazzo is Mislintat’s man, even in the relegation battle. Before the season, the Stuttgarts director said that one would like to go to the 2nd league with the coach if necessary. A trust proof. Now he goes for the first time with the VfB through a dangerous bottom. He is now asked as a crisis manager.

Matarazzo already set?

The long-growing coach also goes into the risk, supports the junior approach of Swabia, but had no happy hand with system and player choice. The fans annoy over too late change Matarazzo. The next weeks will be the first right probationary. Good possible to return the VFB to the “Hot Seat” for coach. Although all the VfB all were proud that these times were actually passing.

Large and high were most recently on the VfB in the meantime only the spectator cut (before Corona), the hopes for successes as in old times and the membership numbers. Now it is especially the fear of the next descent. In Corona times, this would make the club even more than anyway already. Sales returned by 74 million euros last year. Although VFB plays in an area that is considered very economic strong, there are infinite resources but does not exist at the VfB.

So what can still help? In the home days, the Bundesligaist traveled to Spanish Marbella. Short training camp. Head unemployed, riding on the fitness, at the sense of belonging and also on the system, said Matarazzo, who would probably try the four-sized variant in the league next to the triple chain.

How does Tomás beat the VFB Stuttgart?

Meanwhile, MiLintat tied an access. The Portuguese Nachuchsmann Tiago Tomás, just 19 years old, comes on a lending of Stuttgarting Lisbon. The U21 national player is less a full extender, because preparation and troublemaker in the opposing Z1. The Portuguese gives three goals in 48 league games, is considered great talent that is missing only the killer instinct. It is almost indicative that some league hope is now on the narrow shoulders of this young man. He could get his first mission against Frankfurt next Saturday (15:30 clock) – after all, again 10,000 possible spectators.

Criticism of the youth approach had previously wiped away Mishlint. “In my view, there is no panacea and no clear statement on whether youth or experience leads. The deciding one is that the guys can bring the personality and quality to the place that is in them.”

Despite the last minute deal, the squad of Swabia seems relatively thin. One is a violation or corona infection from the next emergency rotation. So Tomás could be whether he wants or not something like the last cartridge in the relegation fight. Either way: The VfB remains a sparkle for the time being in this football country.



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