The request by Days Gone 2 takes about 150 thousand votes

In recent months, new information related to the sequel de _ Days Gone, _ as well as one of the main reasons why Sony did not give him green light. Due to the above, there were many people who generated interest in this canceled title, so they launched a petition on the Internet, which almost 150,000 votes is almost reached.

Via, the community launched this petition with which they seek that Sony authorize the production of Days Gone 2 by Bend Studios. As I was previously told, At the time of writing, it has 144 thousand votes.

Why Days Gone 2 Was Cancelled
This type of requests are usually ignored, besides that Days Gone did not really sell as well as it was thought. I think that at this point it is easy to assume that this game will never receive a sequel, so it will be better for us to forget about the idea.

Editor’s note: Days Gone was not a bad game, however, neither is it close to the other exclusives of PlayStation. Bend Studios had his chance to stand next to the great ones, but ultimately they did not succeed and we all know what the thing ended.

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