Selimbegovic before St. Pauli: “We can not wait”

Seven defeats (two wins) conceded the Oberpfälzer in their past nine games. SSV coach Mersad Selimbegovic takes note of this quasi shoulder suggesting. He always said, even after Siegen that it often be little things that decide a game. And in this regard, we currently have “luck not on our side”. The performance of his protégés has often voted, of course they are frustrated. “But it does not help” do it “to work more, even more to believe in our strength”.

The Pilgrims - The Fans Of St. Pauli

Now the fans come, which is a giant plus for us.

Mersad Selimbegovic

The 39-year-old is cheerful that in contrast to the recent home games, spectators are now admitted: “Now the fans come, what a giant plus is for us. We want to take them with you right away, delight and win the game with our viewers.” Which difference from the support from the ranks exclude, “we have noticed on Schalke,” said Selimbegovic. 7605 fans are approved against St. Pauli, currently remaining cards are available.

The previous performance of the Hamburgers, even if they have just recorded a small performance dish, the Jahn coach, which Jan-Niklas is the best and Scott Kennedy are again available, respect: “St. Pauli was outstanding at the beginning, no team can do that Pullout a whole season. But it’s a superior team that’s fun on football. We have to curb the fun and can not be found for unfolding. “

Result of the preseason is Selimbegovic

In the preseason this succeeded, Regensburg sent the Kiez-coach Mersad with 3: 0 home. Does not matter, says Selimbegovic. He was not a friend of being “digging in the past”.

Instead, the anticipation for this blazes here and now. How did Selimbegovic say the press conference? “Floodlight, St. Pauli, fans – we can not wait.”

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