How to play as Kayi in Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena has several points common with the popular super Smash Bros. Series. On the one hand, the characters accumulate meters of damage and then fly out of the arena once they have reached a certain threshold. The fights are constructed around farm and chaotic capacities. But above all, Rocket Arena has a version of Ice Climbers who is really cool: Kayi.

kick in the head with Kayi

Kayi is an exceptionally versatile character to play. It has a unique mixing of speed and power that makes it an excellent attacker forward. If you head to a arena with a lot of verticality, it is a particularly good option because it can easily use the height to its advantage. It is also fast and has a decent jump that, put in conjunction with its capacities, can be used wisely.

  • Loaded bolt
    • Kayi’s main rocket. It can shoot quite quickly if necessary, but rockets have a bow to them, so you will need to be aware of where you are aiming. However, loaded bolts become really useful when loaded. If you hold down the main button of the rocket for about two seconds, Kayi will load its rocket. It will fly faster and more straight and will offer an even bigger punch. This is ideal for long-range fighting and short range.
  • Grapple hook
    • Special Kayi Capacity. As you probably guessed, this is a grapple and can be used to move quickly to the map. It is particularly useful in the arenas with a lot of verticality, because you can pull yourself to difficult to reach places, then rain the terror from above (or when you slowly derive to the ground). It really needs to focus on something, so make sure you think about what you’re targeting your grapple.
    • You can also shoot your opponents directly with the grapple, but it does not do more damage than a normal shot and you will have to wait for it to cool down to use it again.
  • Snow Ball
    • Secondary capacity of Kayi. This one changes the game and student Kayi to a really useful offensive option. The deployment of a snow globe will create a bubble that will slow down all enemy rockets. This can be a boon when you and your team are in a difficult situation and can do wonders to save every1. If you pull rockets inside the bubble, they will also go faster and will strike louder as well.
    • The GLOBE SNOW works better when you use it in conjunction with other Kayi strengths. If you can put yourself in a arena, you can deploy a snow globe and levitate inside. It takes planning (and luck) to properly deploy a snow globe in a high position you can reach, but if you can, you can then hover in really unexpected places and cause chaos from above.
    • The Snow Globe bubble lasts about ten seconds. Keep in mind, deploy it throws it to a certain distance from you, so it is better to throw it at your feet or know that you can easily go where it lands. This could be Kayi’s secondary capacity, but you should use it as much as possible

Rocket Arena: Gameplay Tips and Tricks Kayi Beginner's Guide

Strategies for Knockout / RocketBot Attack

Its Rocket Arena is the simplest mode, and use Kayi here is also simple. Take it to the offensive and fly over the arena with your grapple to put you in a long position and shoot your opponents. Most skirmishes occur on the ground, so if you can place yourself above and enter a snowball bubble, there is a good chance that you can really make the difference.

Strategies for Rocketball

Kayi is fast and flexible enough so that she can move the ball quickly if you get there while playing with her. Unfortunately, she can not use her grapple hook when she holds the ball, so it’s not like you could get up and take a long distance shot towards the goal. However, the best defense is a good attack and it can easily cause headaches to other players while the rest of your team brings back the balloon home.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

The Mega Rocket can become chaotic when everyone is running around the missile to try to capture the area, but if you use the Kayi Globe Snow to give your team a certain defense when it is touched, it can make a great difference. That said, if everyone is putting in the area, it’s not as effective when other opponents easily use capabilities to hit you. Yet you can fight and eliminate your opponents remotely if your other teammates can hold the area.

Treasury Hunting Strategies

Hold the treasure chest while Kayi significantly reduces the effective way to combine its grapple with a snow globe, so it is better used as a support player during this phase. When it comes time to collect parts, however, it can be a beast if you use your grapple to move and catch them quickly.

Whether you are good with her, mobility, power and ability to quickly pull heavy blows make it a fun character to use. That and she has a Cosplay Elsa Dope.

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