Hofmann and Co. want to “check the theme Max Eberl”

In the Gladbach camp was visibly tried to steer the view of the future. After the stirring days in Borussia Park with the retreat of Max Eberl, a final line should be drawn under the subject. “It was emotional days. Of course we miss him, but sometime we have to check out the theme Max Eberl sometimes. He is gone, now we have to focus on us and the club so that we come back to the trace of success,” said Jonas Hofmann. Similarly, coach Adi Hütter said. “You can not just go to the agenda. But the fact is: Max Eberl is no longer with us, we have to do it without him,” emphasized the coach.

The appeal of the parties to deal with the urgent future questions from now (only) is entitled. Through the 1: 1 in the Arminia, the hoped for liberation was missed. Remain the relegation of the relegation. And next, an “absolute key game” (Hütter) is waiting for the FC Augsburg on the foals. In the Borussen, as explained after the final whistle, take new confidence. “It was a step forward,” Yann Sommer said about the idea of ​​the team. “We wanted to encourage courage despite our situation. That’s done in many phases.” Hütter said, “Our performance was very appealing, the point important and absolutely deserving. If we had played our attacks better and more consistently, a victory would have been possible. After the residue it was a very unpleasant situation for us. But the team Has outstanding outstanding. “

Transferkönig Max Eberl - seine besten Verpflichtungen

21:11 Goal shots were in the end from the perspective of Gladbacher. Also clear, the Hütter-Eleven was in the XGoals value (2.12 to 0.8) in front or in other statistics such as ball possession (61 percent) and dual ratio (55.4 percent). There are still little progress that is talking about, because playfully goes more, because in the last third, a lot of puncture force must be packed or even when defending when the opponent switches lightning fast. But in the same way in Bielefeld, a ready-to-use unit presented, which showed after 0: 1 taker qualities and sniffed at the away win. Hütter recognized “a now-first-law mentality” in his team praised the coach. “And that in our situation is not all so easy by the hand, I think, I think. Nevertheless, we are going to get ourselves confidence again.”

The starting position in front of the Augsburg game is clear: The approaches must now lead to a victory. Gladbach needs the three points in the basement duel more than.

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