The developer of Dying Light 2 says that the GPU of Xbox Series S “retains us from improvements”.

Dying Light 2 may impress fans on next-generation consoles, but his performance on the Xbox Series S lets to be desired according to players. In response to the requirement of fans after additional graphics options and performance improvements on the less powerful platform, the Lead Designer of Dying Light 2 Tymon Smektała has shared with details of Techland to combat these problems and expand options in the future.

Techland has announced that “different performance optimizations” are implemented, but what does this mean for the more comprehensive performance issues facing the Xbox Series S players? Smektała suggests that the console is simply not powerful enough to manage Dying Light 2 and the exploration of Villedor with high frame rates.

Despite the fact that there are several other Open World games running on the Xbox Series S with 60 fps, Smektała explains that Dying Light 2 is a special case. “Due to the density and verticality of his world, [Dying Light 2] streamed more data,” he says.

Xbox Series S | Dying Light 2 | Graphics test

He also claims that the GPU of the Xbox Series S “holds [Techland] back” of performance improvements.

We first fix the Coop problems, demand broke Sony / Microsoft / Epic sewer. The travel sickness is fixed in the first upcoming patch. FOV + motion blur are considered next. 30 fps on the series S are checked, but the console GPU keeps us back.

  • Tymon Smektała (@smectalatm) 5. February 2022

He realizes that the optimization can be improved, but it looks like Dying Light 2 is simply too demanding to better run on technically weaker platforms. Luckily it looks like Techland on other ways to work to make Dying Light 2 playable on weaker platforms.

Smektała has informed that additional graphics options such as FOV slider and motion blur switches are considered for future updates – the next big update of Dying Light 2 will focus on eliminating errors.

Smektała also says that “travel sickness is also addressed in the first coming patch”.

Dying Light 2 has been on the market for a few days, but Techland already listens to the fans and replies them when it comes to problems in the game. With a little luck, Raven Software will feel inspired by the mention of a FOV slider in Dying Light 2 – we know that some Warzone players asked.

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