Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get EEVEE

Pokémon Legends Areas is finally here. The long-awaited open world Pokemon game with which many have dreamed for years is available so that anyone can enter and explore. While there are many changes in this game, obviously catch, train and evolve Pokémon remains a fundamental part of the game. If you are here, you are probably asking you How to get LEVEE, in Pokémon Legends Areas , an absolute classic Pokémon if there were once 1. This is what you need to know.

How to get LEVEE in Pokémon Legends Areas

EVE is probably the second most iconic Pokémon of the entire series after Pikachu. At least, this is what Nintendo wants us to believe considering that he had the honor of leading let’s go! Pair of games next to Pikachu.

As expected, Levee is back once more in Pokémon Legends Areas. The little fox… a game has not been lost yet, and it will not start now.

In fact, you can get LEVEE pretty early at the beginning of the game if you are lucky. Levee is usually a great pain in the ass, so this is a change of rhythm welcome.

How to START with ALL Eeveelutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can find LEVEE in Obsidian Field lands. It is not the most common Pokémon, but you can find you with one if you are patient enough. Personally, I found mine near Aspiring Hill, but we have not yet discovered all possible locations in which it can appear.

Levee can be scary, so if you listen to your call, try to crouch and bring you stealthily and, hopefully, you can easily catch him with a Puebla.

That’s all you need to know for How to get LEVEE in Pokémon Legends Areas . To get more tips, tricks and answers to frequently asked questions, see our Wiki guide full of many useful guides to read them carefully during their adventure.

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