Crytek is a Nanosuit FPS series latest work “Crysis 4” officially announced! Teaser video released

※ Update (10:22 on January 26, 2022): With the official announcement, the published information has been added below.


The FPS series the latest work CRISIS 4 has been officially announced.

Creek CEO Agni Berlin’s name in the name of the name, Crisis 4 is still an early stage of development. It is said that the presentation has come to the intention to inform you that you want to hear the voice of the community while takes time to complete. In this work, it is revealed that we want to be able to meet the expectations of all the players and to let us know about the opinion through social media, and it will be revealed to announce as much as possible Yes.

On the other hand, Hunt: Showdown also has a plan for this year. At the end of the presentation, the CRISIS series, Hunt: Showdown, and the player who enjoyed the player who enjoyed playing the Creek titles is transmitted.

Here are the information before updating.

CRISIS series and Hunt: showdown German developer Creek is January 26, FPS series that combines the pantsuit that brings powerful ability, Crisis 4 Published Teaser video seen.

Just before this video release, Creek was temporarily posted that Brother’s Crisis was submitted by Creek in Bidibidi in China.

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