Legend of Vox Machina: bloody fun trailer for the D & D

The upcoming animated series The Legend of Vox Machine shows itself with a new, bloody trailer! On January 28, 2022, the Cool cartoon implementation starts on Amazon Prime. The consequences are always published weekly in the threesome pack, which will take you to view the entire season on 18 February 2022. Incidentally, a second season is already confirmed!

Legends of Vox Machine: From the planned film to the series with two seasons

Originally the responsible persons wanted to be based on Critical Role – based on their stories The Legend of Vox Machine – only publish an animation film special with the help of fan donations, but the response was so good that a 10-episode series should become. That changed again when Amazon supported the whole thing. Now it will follow over 20, distributed on two seasons. But moment: What kind of implementation is it? And who is Critical Role?

What is Critical Role?

In 2015, a group of professional synchronizer speakers from the United States began to play Dungeons & Dragons in front of the camera. To the participants of this web series called Critical Role belongs, for example, the popular spokeswoman Laura Bailey (Jain Proud more in WoW, Abby in the Last of US 2 and Big other roles), while Matthew Mercer (Cole Cassidy in Overwatch, Human player character in GW2 and countless other figures) as a dungeon master leads the rounds. While the group regularly streams live on Twitch, you can just look up the past stories on YouTube. But make yourself a long journey – it’s about hundreds of hours D & D lots!

The first campaign turned to the adventurer group VOX Machine, which it also goes in the series The Legend of Vox Machine. In the second campaign, it’s about The Mighty No, a completely new series of figures.

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