RPG Living Hell “Only we were in hell. Distribution started with “Steam”. A story of love and soul drawn in a glotesque world

Domestic Developer Rosin Lats were January 21st, We had all the hell. started delivery. The compatible platform is PC (Steam), and the price is 980 yen. The store page of Steam is adult designated. It seems that expressions and murderers who make sexual actions as irons, murderers, and viscera exposure, and the depiction of the naked body are the reason for adult specifications.

We were all in hell. The RPG depicting the figure of the people who lives the ugly world. On the store page, it is also referred to as the love and soul story of the hell. The main character Market of this work is a young man who was born with a beautiful appearance at the noble house. But he left a lot of debts two years ago and his father disappeared. Market troubled in life was lively by selling his body and somehow lived while being scolded around. Such a day, Market is called from Rosin Levi family, the other party of his father’s debt. He should be the opponent of Rosin Lats as a male prostitute, but Mark twill be put in a jail for some reason and will aim for escape with the son Fay of Rose Lesbian family. In addition, Mark twill go around the ruined world, and eventually know the truth.

This work was produced by Rosin Lets, and the free game already in hell was completely hell. It is a remake version of. As a difference from the free game version, Sans representing the sensitivity are newly introduced. If Market has been hit by the resident of the town, the SAN value is reduced when you fight against the enemy. The feeling of mile that lives a spicy world due to the degree of worries. When the degree of sanity is low, it becomes difficult to recover his physical strength, and if it falls too much, it takes a madness illness, but SAN can easily recover with save points. On the other hand, there are also techniques and weapons that can be used by crazy about crazy. In addition, as additional elements, a subdungeon with no associated with this tone increases. As a bonus after clearing, a dungeon with a later episode and a bonus is also available.

In this work, the world like hell is depicted by the grotesque enemies, maps, the sexual elements of the straight ball, and the character who are surrounding the pad drops. It would be nice to say that the main character’s Market is a man behind, and the world’s view of the habit is also a work that chooses a pretty person. However, this work is not a work that just expresses such ugly world. I already had a hell-hell. In Virus Red-Whites 2011, it is selected as the 185 votes, Nico self-made game festival 2021 is elected as the Excellence Award of Useful 2000/2003 sector. Even in this work, which is a remake version, it will be possible to expect to the story of love and souls evaluated from the player.

We were all in hell. Is delivered for 980 yen for PC (Steam). Remake the original I already had a hell. Will be afforded! And it is open as a free game in Games Satsuma.


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