LOL: Baula and Penguin are in charge of Atheris Esports in the Telcel Division of Honor

OTHERS ESPORTS He began his campaign in the Tell Opening Honor Division 2022. He did it with a working group that combines experience and young talent, accompanied by a technical body that has longer race figures in League of Legends. One of them is Alejandro Leave Serrano , who was holder support of Furious Gaming that surprised at the Lisa Latin America opening 2021.

Prior to the advertisement for the technical body, either esports confirmed José Eduardo Chinatown González Ana ya as a substitute jungle . The Mexican debuted at WE Talent for the 2020 season, playing his first Tell First Honor Division in 2021. He was part of the group that came to Eliminators in both Splits, ending 5th -6th place. He took a step on the side after the closure, and now he will share role with Rafael Candy Díaz Estrada .

To lead the new League of Legends Club, the Alejandro Alk4pon3 organization will have the services of Mario Ezequiel Penguin Mendoza Falcon as a strategic coach. The Venezuelan was on projects such as 6Sense and Hamlet Esports years ago. He recently participated in Proving Grounds of the LCS, leaving 27° -31° with Meme City Esports.

PAULA will take the head coach baton, something new for him. He previously played as a support in Furious Gaming, being runner-up of the opening season 2021. He surprised at the closure, since he went to the inactive template. Since then, he maintained a place at the table for analysis of the LA next to Andrés Jamie and Martina Rookie Carpaccio. He will return to the competitive scene next to the new Others ESPORTS project, one of the clubs with greater weight in Mexico.

The Tell Division has eight participants on the road to the 2023. Previously, the Mexican circuit sent one of its direct champions to the first division: Team AZE, owner of the enviable streak of 40 wireless wins.

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