Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers fail at 49ers

It had started so well for Green Bay: With a strong first drive Rodgers led the packers right to the first points. After several successful passports on favorite receiver Dante Adams, it was finally Running Back A.J. Dillon, who made in the cold Lambeau Field at temperatures far below freezing after just under six minutes for the first touchdown.

Strong defense holds 49ers in the first half

Miners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had to leave the field after a sack of Returner ZA’Darius Smith, on the other hand, before a Fumble from Safety Fred Warner, the guests returned the guests again. But the running game, actually the strength of the 49er, knew the packers in the bridle to keep – and as a Garoppolo once a good pass took, Tight End George Little dropped the ball. To keep the plan of Miners, Rodgers and his offensive through a lot of possession of the ball on the side of the side, first fails completely: The first four (!) Drives ended with a 3 & out. Garoppolo, who had no single sack had to plug in the success in Dallas am Wildcard-Weekend, was brought to the ground three times in the first half.

However, after the strong first drive, the packers were offensively no longer really came to the course, because it managed the Miners defense better, exercising pressure on Rodgers, who also had three times in a row with 3 & out quickly from the field again.

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In the middle of the second quarter (!) Garoppolo succeeded his first completion and thus the first (!) First Down. Now it was at once at the 49ers who were deep in the redone shortly before halftime. There, Jimmy G once again carried out a costly interception. His pass to Little was far too short, Adrian Amos was on the spot.

Blocked Field Goal: Packers let chance out of 10: 0 break guide

Instead of 7: 7, there could be a little later 14: 0 for the packers. After a wide Rodgers pass, Safety Jimmy was lost sight of Safety Jimmy Ward Running Back Aaron Jones, only after 75 yards he was stopped at the 14-yard line. But the packers did not manage to benefit from it: First, Rodgers of Edge Rusher Nick Boss was pissed, then Warded’s mistakes well and blocked the Field Goal Try of packers Mason Crosby. So it stayed at the break at 7: 0 for Green Bay.

In the snowstorm, the Miners began the second half similarly efficiently as the packers the first. After two penalties in the Redone, however, they had to settle with a Field Goal. packers Robbie Gould also turned it’s 19th of 19 Postseason experiments – 3: 7.

Blocked Punt: Huang resembles – Gould retains the nerves

About the strong Jones (41 Yards Rushing, 129 yards Receiving), the Packers offensive came back a little better. Once again, the 49ers were able to thank their strong defense, the Rodgers & Co. stopped in the redz1. After a Crosby-FieldGoal it was 11:27 minutes before the end still only 3:10 from the point of view of the guests. The following Drive Garoppolo kept at 3 & 11 with a strong pass to Little alive. A little later, the Miners lacked a yard for a new First Down – the offensive stayed at 4 & 1 on the field, but was stopped just under six minutes before the end.

Also in the NFC is the top-seed out: Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers failed early. Getty Images

But Rodgers did not come far again. And as the 49ers blocked the following punt, Rookie-Safety Atalanta Huang with the first touchdown of his career. Again, Green Bay did not go far and 3:32 minutes before the end, San Francisco came back to the ball – and brought Gould successfully in position. The packers could not be confused by snow and wind and shot the 49ers with his Field Goal from 45 yards to the 13: 10 success in the Lambeau Field.

While the dream of Superbowl for Rodgers and the top-set Green Bay Packers thus bursting a surprisingly early, the journey for the San Francisco 49ers and Quarterback Garoppolo (11/19, 131 yards, int) continues to the second away win in the play-offs. In the NFC Championship Game you will arrive at the winner of Duels Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Los Angeles Rams next weekend. For Rodgers (20/29, 225 yards), the fourth play-off duel ended with the 49ers with a defeat.

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