NBA | Locking for the Wagner

The German basketball brothers Franz and Moritz Wagner have had to give the Los Angeles Lakers to Superstar LeBron James in the NBA.

Through the 105: 116 (62:54), the Orlando Magic collected its fourth defeat one after the other and remain the right team in the North American Profiling.

Orlando was still in the lead at halftime with eight counters difference. But in the third quarter, the Lakers of their favorite role were fair, won the passage of 31:16 and turned the game. LeBron James led the Lakers with 29 points. At the Magic Franz Wagner came to 15 meters, Moritz Wagner stayed without points in five minutes.

Schröder and Celtics lose

Also, national Dennis Schröder lost his team. The Boston Celtics moved with 105: 109 (58:54) against the Portland Trail Blazers the shorter. Schröder marked nine points. Isaiah Hart stein celebrated with the Los Angeles Clippers a 102: 101 (40:54) victory at the Philadelphia 76ers. Hammerstein contributed ten points.

Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to a 105: 103 (43:54) -hammer success over the Houston Rockets. In the very last second, curry hit the victory for the Warriors, according to ESPN it was for the superstar the first game-shaped litter with the final siren in his career. At the opponent from Texas Daniel Thesis was not used.

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