Megaquarium: Freshwater Frenzy Extension postponed

Developer Aurochs Digital informs that the Freshwater Frenzy extension for meg aquarium was postponed to March 1, 2022. Originally, the DLC should be published on January 25 for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

We wanted to tell you that we will postpone the release date of Meg aquarium Freshwater Frenzy to March 1, 2022. We wanted to give you more information and be so honest as we can.


The console version is ready, and we look forward to giving them your hands of you and our players, but problems have occurred in connection with the submission process we have no influence. To ensure that we are able to publish the game on all 3 consoles at the same time, we have to postpone the publication.

That was a difficult decision, but we wanted to do the best and fairest for all players, so we can continue on all platforms at the same time. Despite this setback, we are still very pleased to bring the DLC to the consoles, and we do what is fair to our players and hold at a simultaneous publication.

We work hard to resolve this issue, and we thank the community for your understanding.

Take a look at the Meg aquarium Freshwater Frenzy DLC Announcement Trailer here:

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