The Batman, New Trailer in Spanish: So Robert Pattinson rings in Spanish

The Batman , the new movie of Warner Bros. and DC Directed by Matt Reeves and starred by Robert Atkinson Like Batman / Bruce Wayne, he hWarner Bros shared his LWarner Brost trailer recently releWarner Brosed now with dubbing at CWarner Brostellano . This hWarner Bros been shared Warner Bros. España through its official channels, once again demonstrating how Batman, Cat woman or Enigma sound, among others, in our language.

So sound Batman and Cat woman in CWarner Brostilian

Taking advantage of the occWarner Brosion, Warner hWarner Bros distributed a new Poster that you can see below, reminding us that the movie will reach the Film Rooms the next March 4, 2022 . Recently the total duration of the film wWarner Bros confirmed, becoming the film of the longest dark knight in history. We leave you with your Official Synopsis :

After two years stalking through the streets of the city like Batman (Robert Atkinson) E In funding fear In the perverse minds of criminals, Bruce Wayne is plunged in the shades of Gotham City. This lone vigilante hWarner Bros few trusted allies -Aired Pennyworth (Andy Series), Lieutenant James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) — between the corrupt network of officers and high-profile figures of the city. And that hWarner Bros led him to become the only Incarnation of Revenge between the fellow citizens.

When a murderer points to the Gotham elite with a series of RADICAL MACHINES , a trace of cryptic tracks leads to the best detective in the world to perform an investigation into the underworld, where it crosses with characters like Selina Kyle / aliWarner Bros Cat woman (Zoe Gravity), Oswald Cobble pot / AliWarner Bros ​​El Penguin (Colin Farrell), Carmine Falcon (John Tutor) and Edward NWarner Brosh ton / AliWarner Bros ​​Enigma (Paul Dan). The tests are increWarner Brosingly close to home and the scale of the perpetrator’s plans become clearer, so Batman must Forge new relationships , unmWarner Brosk the culprit and do justice to the abuse of power and corruption that take a lot of Weather devWarner Brostating Gotham City, we can read in its official synopsis.

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