The Legend of Vox Machina recruits David Tennant, Dominic Monaghan and more like invited stars

The legend of Vox Machine has recruited some main invited stars for its first season. Critical Role announced some guest stars for his next animated series through a video Making of revealed this week. The program has recruited several of the main invited stars, including David Pennant, Stephanie Beatriz, Dominic Jonathan and Rory McCann, to give voice to the iconic characters. Critical Role characters such as General Grieg, Lady Lima and more. Several Veterans of Critical Role also return, including Chary Payton, Darin de Paul and Felicia Day. You can see the full video below:

The video revealed that Pennant will interpret General Grieg, while Beatriz will play Lady Lima. Join the couple is Game of Thrones Veteran Indira Karma, who will play the key ally of Vox Machine, Aura. Other members of the DEMON Board include Tony Hale as Sir Fine and Chary Payton as the Foreign Minister Uriel.

The Braidwood and their henchmen will also be interpreted by some main talents of the voice. Delilah Braidwood will have Gray Griffin’s voice, while Rory McCann from Game of Throne will make Duke Admire’s voice. Kelly HU will play Dr. Ripley, while Stephen Root of Office Space will interpret Professor Andes. Darin de Paul will play Kerri on Stonewall. The Braidwood will serve as the main antagonist of the series.

ROL Critics also recruited The Lord of the Rings Actor Dominic Jonathan to play Archibald, a dwarf and rebellious leader in Whitest1. Sunil Malholtra will interpret Gilmore, a merchant and one of Vox Machine’s most well-known allies. The actor of Gears of War Eugene Byrd will play Jarrett, another ally of the party.

Felicia Day and Bobby Hall, also known as rapper Logic, will also appear in minor roles along the series. Other voice actors announced include Max Cattleman, Mason Alexander Park, Stacey Raymond, Tracie Thomas and Gina Torres.

Of course, the cast of ROL critical will repeat its roles for the animated series, while Matthew Mercer (the Dungeon Master of ROL Critics who gives life to all the NPCs in the campaign) will make the voice of Silas Braidwood and several characters minor to what Long of the series.

The Legend of Vox Machine will debut on January 28, 2022.

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