The community now wants a Smash with Activision and Bethesda characters

Now that Activision Blizzard belongs to Microsoft , the community has a lot of questions about the future of franchises like Call of Duty, Crash, Overwatch, Diablo , and more. We do not have the slightest idea about which are going to be the plans of Xbox long term, however, the idea of ​​having a smash Bros . With characters from these series it is one of the favorite ideas between the fans.

In theory, Xbox could create your own version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and including various characters of all previously mentioned IPS, as well as other than Bethesda , but this does not necessarily mean That the green team is going to do it. However, in social networks, the community has already begun to manifest itself, and they want this idea that this idea becomes a reality.

Obviously, it would be one of the most ambitious projects that Xbox could produce in the future, so it is currently seen as a complicated concept of performing. Maybe when things are calmed down a bit, Phil Spencer and his team can consider something like that. At the moment we do not have more to dream about it.

Editor’s note : It would certainly be interesting to see Microsoft create your own version of SMASH, and the types of changes that would apply to the already known formula for this type of game. With so many legendary franchises under his name, this hypothetical crossover would definitely call attention.

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