FIFA 22: TOTW 18 is live – with Lewandowski

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The brand-new TOW 18 is now available for IN FIFA 22 and also could currently disclose details about the Tony. Here you will find out which players have actually received fresh notify cards.

Just how to obtain to TOW cards? You can draw TOW cards from packs for what you need a lot of good luck.

What is the Team of the Week? Each week a brand-new TOW is offered in FIFA 22. This team contains 23 gamers who could bring solid accomplishments in the past on the past football weekend break.

For this you will receive a location in the Team of the Week as well as improved inform cards that can be located in packs for a week.

We take a look at the TOW 18 together and clarify what the new team might expose regarding the upcoming Tony occasion.

The TOW 18 in FIFA 22 — What regarding Lewandowski?

Feature gamer is today Meunière from BVB, which receives a substantial upgrade from 77 to 84. But a player is looking for a game in the new TOW.

These gamers could be missing out on in the Tony: If the Team of the Year should actually appear this Friday, after that the brand-new Tow 18 disclosed that Bruno Fernandes, Cairo Immobile as well as Thomas Müller did deficient in the selections. They belonged to the Toty-Nominated and also can now much longer show up in Team of the Year because of the new TOWS.

This is the TOW 18: The cards with the highest possible overall rating will get this week Cairo Immobile, Bruno Fernandes and Thomas Müller, each with 89 factors. Yet the new inform maps of Robertson (88), as well as St. Just (81) make a solid impression.

Where is Robert Lewandowski? The newly caused globe footballer Robert Lewandowski is missing out on in the new Tow which, although he fired 3 objectives against the 4-0 win against the 1st FC Fragrance. In every normal FUT week that would certainly be a detraction, however given that the Team of the Year (Tony) is pending, this can be a clear indicator of an area of Poland in the team DEER YEAR.

It can only be a gamer’s special card in FUT. What can likewise suggest that the Tony could start this Friday, January 21st.

Below is the total TOW 18:

  • TH: Bogdanović (87)
  • LV: Robertson (88)
  • IV: Batman (82)
  • RV: Meunière (84)
  • COM: Müller (89)
  • KM: Bruno Fernandes (89)
  • COM: With (84)
  • LM: Harrison (82)
  • ST: Immobile (89)
  • ST: Ben Redder (86)
  • ST: Mitotic (84)

TOW 18 Start elf:

  • TH: Gulags (87)
  • IV: St. Just (81)
  • LV: Birth (81)
  • RF: Ito (84)
  • RF: Bark (82)
  • LF: Khaki (81)
  • LAV: UK (72)
  • KM: Allah (79)
  • COM: Mango (78)
  • St: Evasion (79)
  • St: Maguire (76)


What do you believe about the brand-new Tow 18? Are you satisfied with the choice? We like to tell us in the remarks!

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The new TOW 18 is currently readily available for IN FIFA 22 and can now already reveal information concerning the Tony. Every week a new TOW is offered in FIFA 22. Just how to obtain to TOW cards? You can draw TOW cards from packs for what you require a great deal of good luck. The fresh caused globe footballer Robert Lewandowski is missing in the brand-new Tow and that, although he fired 3 goals versus the 4-0 win against the 1st FC Fragrance.

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