BVB director Michaels director ZORC condemns murder threat against Zwayer

Desmond Tutu, born October 7, 1931, in Klerksdorp in South Africa and also died on December 26, 2021, in Cape Town, is an Anglican archbishop and militant of South African human civil liberties. He gets the Nobel Tranquility Reward in 1984 for his serene battle against discrimination. Writer of an Ubuntu faith of reconciliation and close to Nelson Mandela, he was after that the Head of state of the Committee on Reality as well as Settlement, in charge of clarifying the criminal activities and also political abuses dedicated during apartheid, On behalf of the South African federal governments, however also abuses as well as criminal activities dedicated in support of national liberation motions.

For Borussia Dortmund’s director Michaels director Michael Zorn, the insults against referee Felix Player Unfortunately at the moment the Zeitgeist.

It was least to be seen in politicians and even in virology, which just have given their scientific opinion, which may not fit some people, Zorn said at the pay-TV transmitter Sky addressed to the reports From Player about infants according to its controversial role in the top game of BVB against FC Bayern (2: 3) last December.


The Internet is an anonymous forum that gives a room for such opinions and idiotic insults, Zorn said. He also expressed that murder threats in no way tolerate or justifying.

Player had reported that he received numerous hate news and wrote him the Berlin police, that a murder threat against me exists on the internet.

Player currently not active

The referee is not active at the moment, he had been severely criticized after the top game of the Dortmund. BVB-Jungtar Jew Bellingham had a verbally attacked 40-year-old. The Englishman had accused Player in allusion on the 17-year-old scandal around Robert Holder indirectly corrupt.

At that time we expressed our disappointment over the performance of Felix Player, said Zorn, who does not see a sense in a conversation between Player and Bellingham. What should the 18-year-old Jew Bellingham comment in such a conversation, Zorn asked. But we as Borussia Dortmund would always stand for a conversation, that’s clear.

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