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Robert Lewandowski has again secured the world footballer title. For his title defense, FC Bayern’s striker was showered from their own ranks with a lot of praise. These are the votes to choose from:

Donate Hops (Chair of the Management Board of the German Football League): Robert Lewandowski is one of the biggest strikers in the history of the German professional football — and a superior ambassador for the Bundesliga. For years, he enthuses fans around the world with his achievements — and is still better at a high level. In the past season he demonstrated that in an extraordinary way when he even exceeded the 40-season record of Herd Müller. That he now has successfully defended his title as FIFA World Footballer And this renowned award goes back to the Bundesliga, is deserved and makes me extremely happy. Congratulations!

Herbert Gainer (President FC Bayern Munich): Robert Lewandowski has once again written history with this world football choice. After his award last year, he was not a single moment: he is the personalized perpetual Mobile of Tor shooting. That he now was honored for the second time in a row, is another proof that he belongs to the utmost soccer history. The same applies to Manuel Neuer. He is a guarantee for success and sets standards for all subsequent goalkeeper generations with his game.

Oliver Khan (CEO FC Bayern Munich): Robert Lewandowski is a phenomenon: he has reached a summit, he already thinks of the next. Also, Manuel new ones we would have given it to be awarded again as a FIFA World Hotter, FC Bayern is proud and happy to have two as exceptional players and personalities in his ranks in Robert Lewandowski and Manuel new two. Both set standards, up and besides the course.


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Hasan Salihamidzic (titles board FC Bayern Munich): Robert deserves this title. He has consistently focused on his career. With him, discipline, will and quality in every workout show up, so he is always optimally prepared. That he defended his title as the world’s best footballer emphasizes his outstanding priority, and that will continue to motivate him for this season. Robert loves to set records.

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