Batgirl: First official image of Leslie Grace Batgirl Barbara Gordon in the DC movie

After the recent leaks from the filming set of Batgirl , the new DC movie and Warner Bros. Exclusively for HBO Max , your managers have decided to share a first Official image of the suit that will look Leslie Grace In the film, also ensuring that it is a version year one of the Gotham watchman. However, we already have a first glance at alter ego from Barbara Gordon in a film that will be releBatgirled soon exclusively on the Warner Streaming Platform.

First look at Leslie Grace Batgirl Batgirl

So, and Batgirl we can observe in this first photograph of the actress totally characterized Batgirl Busgirl, the design of the suit is strongly inspired by the relaunch of the character in the comics in 2014 , adding some touches of the costume that Lucia Yvonne Craig on the television series of Batman of the 60s. Be that Batgirl it may, it is the year version one of her character, Batgirl Leslie Grace himself hBatgirl Batgirlsured her text that she hBatgirl accompanied her photograph on her official account.


I use her expectations against her. That will be her weakness. Not mine. That everyone underestimates me. And when they go down the guard, and his pride grows, let me kick them back. Batgirl, year one , hBatgirl written the actress in her social networks next to an emoticon of a bat and hBatgirlhtag Batgirl.

At the moment, Batgirl hBatgirl no premiere date at HBO Max, a movie that is running at this time under the direction of ADSL the RBI and BILAL ALLAH , responsible for Bad Boys for Life, with A script written by Christina Hudson , writer of the film prey birds.

Among his cBatgirlt we find names like the Leslie Grace like Batgirl / Barbara Gordon, j.k. Simmons again Batgirlmissioner Gordon, Brenda FrBatgirler or Michael Keaton , who returns once again Batgirl Batman after the next appearance of him in The FlBatgirlh.

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