The legend of Vox Machina: Who is Vox Machina?

The heroes’ legend Vox Machine are a bunch of misfits, and has a complete breakdown of everything you need to know to jump to the new series. Later this month, Prime Video To be launched legend Vox Machine, an animated series for adults based on the first Calaboose and Dragons campaign ROL critics. critics ROL Many viewers are likely to be familiar with the bumbling heroes Vox Machine, since the program was launched with the characters in 2018. The legend Vox Machine leans a little toward this familiarity, as the main cast of heroes and met before they occur events of the program. While most of the cast gets a little backstory in the first episodes, many details left unsaid.

Note that you can definitely go to the program without knowing anything about ROL critics or anything about Vox Machine and still enjoy the series. However, if you’re not a Critter (the term used to describe self-describing ROL critics fans) but wants to know who was the main group of characters before the series started, you can find our explainer practical useful.


VAX’Aldan (or VAX, as almost everyone knows) is the half-elf rogue voiced by Liam O’Brien. VAX is a melancholy loner who largely handles himself and his twin sister Vex him above all. However, despite his solitary personality, VAX has a good heart and quickly be jeopardized by his friends.

VAX is an expert thief and is deadly with his range of daggers he carries in the person of him. Due to the unique set of skills and the ability VAX him with a crowbar, he often sneaks or perform stealth missions, leaving him in precarious situations most of the time. VAX has no magical power at the beginning of The legend of Vox Machine, but has a handful of useful magical elements, namely, a pair of gloves that make any knife throw automatically return to your hands and a belt that turns a snake.

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Vex’dahlia or Vex as commonly called, is the Ranger half elf voice Laura Bailey. Vex is one of the faces of Vox Machine main, both as regards diplomacy as haggling. She’s never someone to pay the nominal value… anything, and she has no qualms about her brother that her VAX steal something she wants.

Vex is not only an expert marksman with a bow, she also has some minor magical abilities that help improve her arrows at times. Of course, the most recognizable weapon Vex is probably the pet bear it, Trinket, she has had since she was a little puppy. Vex has a primary link with Trinket, allowing you instinctively give orders to obey implicitly bear.

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Grog is the Barbarian Goliath expressed by Travis Willing ham. Grog serves as the main muscle of Vox Machine, armed with a massive battle-ax and the ability to enter a state of anger that relieves pain he could feel the wounds. Grog is a simple man, loves to fight and loves alcohol, and often acts as a kind of comic relief when he enjoys not cutting their opponents half. Grog preferred strategy in a fight it is to attack and kill everything, which can be a problem when the rest of the group… prefer a more subtle solution.

Grog shares a particularly close connection with the party cleric Pike Trick foot. Pike and grandfather when he rescued Grog expelled him from the pack and took care of him until he regained his health. The couple share a bond as brothers, with Pike acting as the voice of reason, although he happily participates in frequent binge-drinking grog.

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Lucio Trick foot

Pike Trick foot is the gnome cleric expressed by Ashley Johnson. Pike serves as the main healer and protector of Vox Machine and magic attracts him through a sacred connection with Ever light, a goddess of redemption and healing. Pike uses those skills to heal and cast magic shield that can block attacks. However, Pike can also invoke a mace made of light allowed to remain in the front line to help his friends. Before the facts of The legend of Vox Machine, Pike was killed in battle by a demon. While the rest of Vox Machine managed to get her to a priest who raised the hair she changed from black to white as a result of the death and subsequent resurrection of it.

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Scandal Short halt

Scandal Short halt is a gnome Bard played by Sam Rigel. Obscene and lustful, Scandal is perhaps the most deranged member of Vox Machine. He adjusts greatly to the stereotypes of the bards, since he is always looking for the next adventure of him, and he is always ready with a song for any occasion.

Scandal is the most versatile spell launcher in Vox Machine, with a wide range of tricks that he uses to confuse enemies and help him allies. Scandal can create elaborate realistic illusions or project a giant hand that can interact with (or crush) objects. Scandal uses the music, either through his voice or the loyal of him, as a focus of the powers of him.

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Percival of Role

Percival of Role, or Percy, is a human gunman with the voice of Taliesin Gaffe. Percy comes from a noble family that died in mysterious circumstances before joining Vox Machine. As such, Percy is a little more refined than the rest of the group and, often, disagrees with the constant lust and the drunken state of the counterparts of him.

In terms of skills, Percy is probably the most mundane of the group. Percy has no power except for his ingenuity and intelligence. He is a talented inventor who elaborated a personalized pepper pistol known as the list. His weapons tend to get stuck at the most inopportune moments, but they can paralyze an enemy when their shots impact.

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Earth is a semi-annual druid with Marisha Ray’s voice. Earth is the most innocent and naive member of Vox Machine, having lived a protected life before meeting Vox Machine. She is a member of the Shari, a group of people dedicated to protect four elementary portals in remote places in the world. Earth only left the Shari by her drama, a ritual search for determining if she was worth leading her tribe of Air Shari.

As a druid, Earth has an innate nature and can make vines and plants grow rapidly. She also has a variety of magic skills and can adopt a wild form, allowing him to become an animal by brief periods of time. One of the favorite forms of Earth is that of a tiger saber teeth, which gives it an additional set of offensive skills that contrasts with the usual timid personality of it.


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