FC Schalke: Grammozis confirms clause: contract extension with climb

The Summer Treaty of Dimitrios Grammars as a coach of the Soccer Second division Schalke 04 extends automatically when climbing.

The coach confirmed the newspapers of the Funk Media Group. There is a constellation that extends the contract. It is clear: the more successful we are as a team, the easier the situation for all involved in the summer, says Grammars.


Schalke starts on Sunday with a home game against Holstein Kiel in the new year, currently the narrow ranked fourth. The clear goal ascension did not formulate Grammars.

There would be nothing if I swing great talking, but no one has been successful. But that does not mean that we would not be extremely ambitious. That’s we. The club has communicated to the Bundesliga within three years would like. If we were to get the chance earlier, of course we will not defend ourselves, of course, on the contrary, he said.

On Friday, rumors made the round that Grammars must take his hat in the rise and appropriate clause for the contract extension.

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