Rainbow Six Siege: Atheris Esports will search for a pass to Six Invitational 2022 this weekend

Before closing 2021, either esports communicated the decision corresponding to the closed qualifier of Six Invitational 2022 . Without going into many details, he shared that he would not be in Brazil to fight for the last ticket to the tournament of Rainbow Six Siege . The season 2021 of the Serpent harvested a subcampeonate in the Mexican League and three interregional representations.

Others Esports had earned a quota in the closed qualifier after devastating in Mexico. As we already talked on several occasions, the next event was against five teams that come from the Mexican championship , the South American Championship and the one corresponding to Brazil. The format is simple removal, so there is no space to errors: a bad day can take a full year of work overboard.


The initial decision was that it could not be traveled to Brazil for topics that surpass Others Esports. Subsequently, some members of the club made comments about a possible solution that allowed them to continue with the campaign towards the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup. For January 6, the team of Alejandro Alk4pon3 Lava brought good news for fans.

Previously, we inform that we would not participate in the Closed Qualifier if 2022, the communiqué on Twitter began. However, we evaluate the medical situation that it was in question that Roy took the place of Guido. After days, both to consult with a health manager, we come to the conclusion that Roy will be able to participate supplanting Guido as our 5° Player , announced Others Esports.

With the confirmation of the Mexican team, the Top 6 is maintained. What it means, there will be no modifications in the format or compensation for the reduction of equipment. The dates are maintained for January 15 and 16, that is, this weekend. Only one team will travel to Canada to join Brazilian Titans.

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