Is it possible to reverse public opinion? Maple Story on Travel Train

The Nixon Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 株式会社ネクソン, Hepburn: Kabuki geisha Nelson, Korean: 주식회사 넥슨; RR: Jusikhoesa Nelsen) is a Japanese– South Korean computer game publisher that concentrates on the internet ready computer and also mobile. It keeps over 80 titles. NFC has holding firm with situated in EU, South Korea. Nixon was established in Seoul, South Korea in 1994 by Kim Jungle as well as Jake Song. In 2005, the firm moved its head office to Tokyo, Japan. As of March 2020, it is the largest video game firm in South Korea and also the third-largest game firm in Asia outside Japan in regard to earnings and market capitalization, after China’s Tencent and Release, in advance of South Korea’s Net marble, 37 Amusement, and also NCS oft.

Through Maple Story Nixon Signs titles (the Maple) 6 5:00 Sunday evening, a real-time meeting containing the information did not address Michel standing over Showcase Live Messenger Destiny had time to communicate with the user for about 3 hours. Live Messenger is flowed in the form below to attend the proceeding, ganging Director and Head of Planning gimchangseop seongseungheon caster answer questions. But still have a lot to watch as there is no proper part of the realization, In terms of the results and talk from the event itself is generally popular.

The background of these positive responses had changed stance Maple development team claimed. Showcase last December was described as a lack of criticism I caused it compresses the points with a variety of information that goes gotta have a properly communicate impossible to record broadcast live, not in an hour. But despite that most users did not think it would be undergoing a subsequent meeting. Maple is because it was about two days to formally meet with the players via live handful. Users are surprised to see he would once again that I gave to scrape a lot of times, improved thinking and direction itchy part of the unexpected change in stance.

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adventurers remastered and balance patch

The first dealt with the contents was part of the adventurer, Patches remastered and balance point, which was the buzzword. The main issue was the timing does not match between the patch is composed of ‘point’, and Terra burning and Free Term Magnet Pet sherbet with the corresponding patch.

First gimchangseop Planning Team has admitted CP HIA I’ll take the way of updates Maple For example, it is determined adventurers remastered and balance patch to January 27, judge Miss esteem. According to the described method was put in an event to the first update process, a priority, and connecting the new content in a subsequent, explorer remastered, and balance patch is determined to fall within the latter’s place behind. The user perspective was certainly not convincing details. It said this information was considered as a main dish of Destiny is a showcase one-month Cheers. Bask away.

Fortunately, maple producers were certainly aware of the problem. Announced that the first adventurers remastered be related one by one the 27th payment of Terra-burning boost in the previous job is available according to the patch. 23 days can be used with sherbet additionally paid on pet petite time. Of course, earnest and 1 TB burning to the user to enjoy the maple is greatly meaningful information, but also the subsequent information Looking seems to be determined not to be late with various training events and embellished Castle proceeds with compensation.

Following to deliver a unique experience for each job in the balance between the patch will reduce the performance gap, he said set this process in a major way that can give the same pleasure and progress. To be hunted, and the boss part is plainly revealed, and that the core of the profession between the utility-based distribution and its overall performance difference is not fair, adjusting the discomfort that follows the upward equalization scheme.

This part is also information received acclaim in toxic Live Messenger. Because that information through the persistent problem of maple. Features of Maple hunting method is the repetition of such actions. Usually two hours and it is the main way to continue to act as broken as (experience accumulation / wealth acquired leap duration) units without number, a specific job, while minimizing fatigue builds up a specialized performance in the hunt, any job is the same map even the utmost in hard work, hunting occurs even or only the former half so simsimchi.

Boss is also yes. Boss solo play required for the Genesis weapons free end device (typically a hard Wiltshire) is a relatively low-spec If there job to passable makes clear as well, due to structural problems’ profession that caused that even uncomfortable to clear a high specification exist. The two parts that can narrow these differences raise utility group and subsequent reduction of discomfort due. This patch is 27 days, so will be introduced prior to the test server to the server application, it seems important, how it does reflect user feedback during that period.

unreasonably low and medium capital should improve the user to feel

Relative were also dealt with follow-up for low-spec user. Heavy upstairs gamers make up the vast majority of users will also improve the feel unreasonable and were introduced various measures to facilitate the successful settlement. Typically, alleviate the burden of the broken boss difficulty and rewards fall, and was considered a beginner tutorial patch and reorganized two weeks more.

Got to junghawigwon user Boss Tapestry is often even achieve a level demanding a tough challenge. During stories rapidly growing demand specification than ganeumjwa Efficiency and difficulty of the title only because the user represented by this tie your feet. Specifications are low user experience to try a pattern of bosses who want to hold, it is hard to talk to familiarize yourself with them. Boss difficulty to refine these gamers are accustomed to a pattern is a good means to put the fun in the game, and can be a springboard to challenge willingly in the future high-profile boss.

Decisions falling continuously since last three bosses decided price adjustments patch seats Price gave an impact on the few confirmed specs up means ‘arcane symbols’ level up in Maple Story. Ganging director ‘junghawigwon boss and growing chaos rue the day is breaking rate of service boss, it lowers the perceived difficulty going to find a crystal precipitating price stabilization’ and expressive, yet, recognized as the Archangel River early area for the user The feel pressure Les Helen be added to the section called will significantly lower the cost of strengthening arcane symbols. Method of regulating the production server appear to the effect that he would also relieve pressure with the user.

Considering the tutorial patch restructuring, and beginners who lack dwaetjiman introduced in the last showcase detailed information is also carried along. According to gimchangseop Planning Team, move the area to add a number of new quests available and clear experience increases and additional views will be easier to achieve 200 levels of various hunting options. Ganging Directors also announced La deletes the burdensome price and Mastery book evokes the deviation between professional to beginner, and you are considering applying to the daily burning mega gift. This union system and also as a part of that association, is assumed as part of the way to help foster a long-term union with the game settled down 200 levels of difficulty to achieve.

accelerate progress and communicating enlargement story

In addition, it had the time to talk about various issues got off to climb among the users such a long time was criticized Story, Stellar pass and probability Monitoring System Nixon Now and other complaints’ improvement which was controversial.

Story plans to write down the ‘vertical’. Layman’s terms, it will accelerate the pace hagetdaneun talk to rapidly deploy new content. Expectations can be inferred from the following story this process is already considered with composition and also took part Jinan Incidentally shall continue to weave a story. See here again the story promised by the last conference also announced jungyirago even properly prepared. To read the story forced leveling up, but on the basis of a maple that grows as the story should be linked Preview has also hinted that impossible. In terms better, if you can make the texture to be able to expect the next story can be seen that there is inherent gotta mokjeokseong would contribute to level up to promote their users.

For Stella path has gone flat flowed differently than intended. The price of 10,000 points and 9,800 won they can purchase maple point, but we believe competitive, and eventually led to the direction of limiting the user’s choice. Gimchangseop Planning Team has admitted it was a obvious misjudgment about it. Nixon also jyeotneunde Now after this point is the data to determine the current low, which was promised as early as the first half of the year show an improved appearance by adding a variety of systems. Users will quickly recognize a policy motivation to feel a part of the complaint, and strive to improve.

As well as announced would also show his struggle to improve communication and to open the Maple Story blog, easy recruitment site tells the story of the development of sparking and developers. Online games, communicate with the user, the emphasis in the mood to start widening this pool that communication is quite often they are seen as positive. Maple interpreted that communication is striving to gradually moving to a converged user feedback is also gaining strength.

Tapestry, could rise again to fly with communication

Maple Story is near one year suffered from a variety of issues. Until the end of December which was a showcase progress Destiny No matter what the common perspective on the negative. But let’s keep this a situation that is gaining feedback from the conference. It’s being held until the next meeting planning, finally inside it elevates expectations dwaetdaneun the proper communication begins.

Maple is a young man of 20 years in the game this year, gamers have come as the repository containing the unforgettable memories. Not be able to get the hearts of gamers, such as turning on the occasion of this meeting again, gamers who have grown up with Maple is again noted that fichu not be able to lead the Maple World.

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