Double or invalid vaccination certificate? You should do that now

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The Compass app is not only an important tool to be able to display the current vaccination or recovery status via smartphone. The app can make the digital Impfzertifikats attention also about errors and problems with the QR code.

In the document, the EU flag and the relevant country code (DE for Germany) is printed.

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Play Store Online has demanded in vaccination centers and pharmacists and says how you react ideally to individual sources of problems and who can help you in extreme cases. What will change in 2022 when yellow vaccination card, read here.

If you use the Corona warning app, you should consider: Originally, the app should capture risk contacts. The vaccination certificate is an additional and not the main function of the app. Is the official tool for vaccination certificates and recovery evidence and remains in Germany Compass app.

Shell explains: To set the certificate to the Compass App

How to Correct Errors in COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate: All Questions Answered

The Compass app is free for all smartphone owners. If you have a smartphone, you download the program in the respective App Store from Apple or the Google Play Store on Android.

Compass for Android: Now check with CHIP and download the Google Play Store
Compass for iPhone: Now check with CHIP and download in the Apple App Store

You should consider: The program must be compulsory access rights to your camera. Only in this way can you really scan the QR codes.

Immersed in the first use or installation on a request, you should also confirm. To create a digital certificate, click Scan the QR code, which is located in the lower field.

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