Do not miss the endearing reaction of this father when receiving a PS5 as a Christmas gift

A Christmas gift or Christmas present is a gift offered in event of Christmas. Christmas gifts are frequently traded on Christmas Eve (December 24), Christmas Day itself (December 25) or on the last day of the twelve-day Christmas period, Twelfth Evening (January 5). The practice of giving gifts throughout Christmastide, according to Christian practice, is symbolic of the presentation of the gifts by the 3 Wise Men to the infant Jesus.

We are still at Christmastime. Throughout the world, Santa has gone through the houses with many gifts and here, we still have the Magi. The video that we bring you, is quite exciting, and has taken place with a PS5 as a protagonist.

A father was opening his gifts for Santa Claus and opened a game; Specifically, it was NHL 22. When he opened he was somewhat stopped, since on the cover he was a game of PS5. I have PS4, not PS5, he tells the relatives of him. Afterwards, he was reserved for the older surprise and the endearing face of him is worthy to see.

The emotion is transmitted in the video and, although he does not get to withdraw the package, there is no doubt that it is a PS5. An authentic gift that this father was not expected.

PS5 Surprise For Christmas Compilation 2021
Of course, the reason for tears, it can also be because of how difficult it is to get one of these new generation consoles right now before the stock scarcity.

Have you had this feeling with a gift recently? Or have you caused someone? Of course, few emotions as great as opening a gift and that is a console or a state-of-the-art PC.

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