Rainbow Six Siege: Atheris goes to the closed classifier of the Six Invitational?

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Others Esports closed 2021 with a bitter note. While she gained the opportunity to take a pass to the Six Invitational 2022, she officially took a step on the side by topics outside the competition. This can be translated into an adjustment in the format of the next interregional contest, as there would be no six teams playing the pass to Canada. But over the past few days, it seems that it is possible that snakes go to Brazil.

On January 2, both Christopher Sky spiny as Victor Versa Hugo published that Others Esports will play the closed qualifier on January 15 and 16. Both mentioned that Francisco Roy Guille will take the player post, but no details about who will be absent. Recall that the reason for him had to do with the travel protocols following Coronavirus (Covid-19), but this move would allow the trip to Brazil.

Following publications, Others Esports came out to comment on social networks that is still very early as to confirm the trip. If we do not confirm us, it is not official, since we still do not find 100% safe due to the situation Covid-19, he explained on Twitter. No official communiqué can be part of a player regarding a situation of the organization, he elaborated in the same Tit.

Under the context of the organization, it is rushed to say that they will be on the way to Six Invitational 2022. Although the players are already with the mind in the contest, it still remains to wait for the snake to make the announcement before January 15.

Others Esports is an organization founded by Alejandro Alk4pon3 Lava, YouTuber recognized in the Spanish-speaking community. He had participation in Overwatch and Free Fire, expanding to Rainbow Six Siege after a while. Recently, he announced that he will be at the Honor Division Tell 2022 of League of Legends, the contest that, at least so far, offers a pass to the regional LATAM North.

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