Ragnarok is delayed until 2022

In 2018, the sort of continuation, sort of restarting the GOD OF WAR franchise stormed the world, at the top of sales and gaining the praise of critics and players. With the newly put on the narrative throughout God of War (2018), it is not surprising that the players are impatient to see the next chapter of Rates’s history and his son, Atreus — especially after This revealing at the end.

(The rest of this article will contain heavy spoilers for God of War (2018)).

God of War: 'Ragnarok' Delayed Until 2022 & Cross-Gen Confirmed
With the revelation at the end of God of War (2018) that not only Atreus is intended to become the Nordic God of the Loki cunning, but that the end of the days herself, Ragnarök, arrives soon, the fans impatiently awaited an Update on the next clearance of the game. The announcement came during the showcase PlayStation 5 2020 that the second game of the new GOD of War series would be entitled GOD OF WAR: Ragnarök, and went out in 2021. With this ad, It was assumed that the series could avoid the trilogy structure used by the original classic of PlayStation 2 — there is no longer much left to explore after the death of the gods, after all.

However, unfortunately, it seems that fans will have to wait a little longer to see what is waiting for Rates and Atreus, because the Sony Santa Monica Studio developers announced that God of War Ragnarök will not go out in the shops before 2022.

The announcement comes in approaching E3 2021, a digital event where many fans probably expected GOD of War: Ragnarök. However, it seems likely that we would not have seen Rates at the E3 this year even though the development took place as planned — it seems that Sony could pursue the trend established in the last two years by jumping the E3 in favor of their own PlayStation Showcase. Later in the year.

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