Darts World Cup Michael van Gerwen must be for further participation

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The former world ranking memorial Michael Van Ger wen must be a further participation in the Darts World Championship in London.

According to matching media reports, he spent Christmas together with his compatriot Vincent van der Oort, who had been positively tested for the Coronavirus. In addition, the two should have trained together in recent days.

Whether I’m worried about Michael? Of course, said Van her Oort at rtl7. From the moment when I was tested positively, I told him that he should not approach me at all. So far, his test results were always negative.

Van her Oort itself have no fever, no symptoms. Nothing. I have a little tingling in the neck and that was it. He was not allowed to compete against James Wade on Monday against James Wade, who qualifies themselves without a fight for the second round. Van Ger wen should meet Chris Obey on Tuesday evening

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In front of Van her Oort, Raymond van Barnfield was already positive — but only after his two-round road against Rob Cross.

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