Yoko Taro creator of Nier says that the saga is finished

In his Christmas message dedicated to fans, Yoko Taro, the creator of the Near saga — in turn, a spin-off of the now less known Drakengard series — has announced that the franchise is finished, and that there will be no more deliveries.

Yoko Taro, directing NieR: Automata

Given these statements, the producer of him, Yoke Saith, adds that this can be a lie. Taro assures that he would reconsider it if someone gave him a great lot of money.

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The team of the Near saga and the taro itself tend to communicate with the fans through this type of humor, so probably these statements do not mean much about the future of the Near Saga. Although we can not know the true intentions of Taro’s statements, the logical thing is to think that we are still a long time to know anything about the next projects.

If you still think the curiosity you can read our analysis, in which we gave Near Replica a seal of essential, and we said about it that is a game designed from beginning to end to accompany one of the most solid, intelligent narratives and well-developed from the environment.

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