We have a new trailer from The Batman

And so that of nothing, Warner Bros. It has surprised us with a new trailer of The Batman, which shows us in greater detail the relationship between the faithful vigilant of Gothic city and Cat woman. We know that the link between these two characters will be explored in the future feature film, and thanks to this advance we already have a better idea of ​​what to expect.

As I was saying before, the advance in question shows us some completely new scenes and others that had already been previously seen. After all, their producers are leaving us with the best for when the film eventually reaches cinema halls.

Obviously, Bruce Wayne will be the center of attention at The Batman, although it seems that Cat woman will also have an important role to play within the film. We say this because, in addition to the trailer, The Batman will also tell us the origins of this thief.

The Batman - Official Trailer 2 Starring Robert Pattinson

The Batman reaches cinemas March 4, 2022 and A HBO Max on April 19.

Editor’s note: Apparently in the trailer, it seems that The Batman will have much more action than I expected. This is not necessarily bad, however, there will be people who prefer to explore the detective nature of the hero, but surely there will also be ample space for this.

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