Action MMORPG Avabel Online Christmas event Seaf old Christmas will be held from the thieves from the thieves New hierarchy crystal cave hierarchy 59F Krone also appeared

Asimov Co., Ltd. has announced that the Christmas event Sea-of-Christmas held on December 22nd (Wednesday), December 22, 202, 2012, is delivered on PC and smartphone.

Asimov Co., Ltd. is a PC / smartphone delivery action MMORPG Anabel online, will hold the Christmas event Sea of Christmas from December 22, 2022 (Wed).

During the period, an event defense battle (event battle) to protect the present from the bandits. You can get an item that helps trophy limited furniture and adventure.

In addition, the new hierarchy quartz cave hierarchy 59F-Krone-Krone was implemented in the cave. With the new hierarchy implementation, delivered quests that can be obtained with very powerful status enhanced items Wisdom of crystal caves. In addition, the status point can also be acquired by achieving the condition.

Christmas event Sea of Christmas held

Held Christmas Event Sea of Christmas. During the period, you can enjoy the event defense battle that protects the present from the band placement Black Santa attacked.

If the defense battle clear or the event boss is specified and collecting the medal, it is possible to use the trophy limited furniture and the evolution of the skill ring that can be used in the evolution of the skill ring, which is the enemy monster Barbados and the evolution of the skill ring. You can get useful items.


Santa who prepared a present for children for Christmas. However, the bandits Black Santa attack the presents and attack the presents. Protect the present from Black Santa to deliver a safe present for children!

う 切 Protect defense goals from the coming monster!

▲ 集 GET trophy limited furniture GET medals

▲ Event limited map characteristic of white Christmas tree is also released

[Holding period]
December 22nd (Wednesday) 2021-27, 2021 (Mon) Maintenance before maintenance

Christmas present from Anabel online!

With a daily gratitude, we hold a Christmas campaign that can be obtained by Magic Stone. I will give a magic stone to those who speak Merry Christmas! In the game chat during the period.

[Holding period]
December 24, 2021 (Fri) 0: 00-2021 December 25 (Sat) 23:59

New Hierarchy Quartz Cave Hierarchy 59F-Krone- appeared! Quest is also distributed

The new hierarchy crystal cave hierarchy 59F-Krone appears in the main tower centered on the adventure. In the dark cave, the distinctive cave is characterized by the distinctive this hierarchy, which is more powerful than the previous hierarchy, is waiting for adventurers.

With the new hierarchy implementation, STR (strength) · int (intelligence) · IT (physical strength) · MEN (heart power) · DEX (DEX) status is up to 500 items Crystal cave wisdom to get a quest delivery.

In addition, if you collect the number of items to drop from this hideous monster, you can earn a status point that can be distributed freely to the character.

▲ 新 New Boss Monster Ape

Game introduction

Anabel Online-Tower of Bearing-(Anabel Online) is a 3D online RPG drawn with smartphone the highest peak graphics. Action Battle with Jumps and Skills can be enjoyed in the same world.

MMO fields that can be played with many MMO fields Main tower You can play with the ultimate graphic.

Download URL

Google Play: HTTPS: // I’d = com.Asimov.Anabel GP b3 app store: HTTPS: // PC (Windows): HTTPS: //

Game Overview

Title: Anabel Online-Avabel Online Genre: Action MMORPG Price: Basic Play Free: Android / iOS / PC Language: Global Compatible (Japanese, English, Korean, Taiwanese, German, Spain Words & Other) Official Sites: HTTPS: // Official Twitter: HTTPS: // JP Official Facebook: Official LINE: HTTPS : //LINE.ME/R/ti/p/%40xje6232A

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