Pok mon Go Numerous gifts thanks to promo

While the Christmas holidays approach with ever greater steps, the developer studio Ni antic comes in a donation mood. As can be found on Reddit, a new promo code is currently ready to provide you in the mobile game Pokémon Go numerous gifts.

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It is a package that includes a total of 21 items. You can expect 10 normal poke balls, ten wannabees as well as a smoke, after their activation you can attract for a certain time Pokémon.

To redeem this code, there are several ways. For the iOS version you have to go a detour via the website of Ni antic. There you log in with your Account data from Pokémon Go and then enter the promo code. As soon as you have completed that, you will open the game on your iOS device, where the package is already waiting for you. In the Android version this all works a bit easier about the In game shop.

However, you should not let you have the code to redeem the code — he loses its validity on 31 December 2021.

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